Sunday, September 25, 2011


Opus 35.2. Finally a decent concert I should say. The repertoire's pretty okay and not like the usual heavy pieces. My favourite piece gotta be Lion King. Hahaha. We had a pretty full auditorium and ticket sales was gooooddd.

Reached early to load instruments and to settle stuff before going to auditorium to do ticketing stuff. Soundcheck for a while before leaving to do ticketing stuff again.

michelle & weijie!

and then it was showtime.

Skipped the first 2 songs due to ticketing stuff and I missed the 2 nice songs. Haha. Tim thought Michelle was me. -.- 

Went out to look for Tim and Kelvin during the intermission :D :D

hahahaha. This is hilarious. I was wearing heels and tiptoe-ing but nowhere as tall as the guys.

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