Monday, September 5, 2011

After the first week

John Danbur Theme from Dances With Wolves. Awesome track. So full of emotions. Loved this part. I hope the this song will be perfect during our concert :D It will be a real pity if it's messed up. My favourite part!

School's been fine. COM217 cancelled until further notice due to the lecturer being unable to come down from NY thanks to Hurricane Irene. I hope it will not be delayed for too long. I dont want to rush through my syllabus or have lots of make up classes! SOC294 is lke H2 math all over again. Just that I cant use GC this time round. COM231 is interesting. Persuasion. Watched an episode of Criminal Minds today for class and it was awesome. Not only that, we watched for 50 min and had a 25min lecture and that's it. I guess it's the kinda lesson where you dont need intensive notes-reading but more of understanding..? I dont really know how to explain. Haha!

Still dont like the fact that our schedules are so screwed that there's barely time to meet b. Wanna catch Stupid, Crazy, Love with b but I have no idea when. Oh well. Since our schedules do not work out, we'll have to work things out. It may be a little difficult but I believe we can work some time for some us-time (:

John Danbur theme on repeat makes me wanna cry already :'(

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