Thursday, September 1, 2011



1st week of school almost done. SOC294 is pretty much stats and stats and graphs and charts and whatever rubbish. MOST BORING MOD OF THE MOD. Nothing much for the first week actually.

Exciting month for band. Outdoor performance with the youth band, and yet another OPUS (35.2!) with the main band. I hope everything goes smoothly. Theresa Teng fever with the youths now. Haha. She's just so awesome please. Oldies ftw!

One of the pieces we'll be playing for the TT Medley :D

my favourite line: 如果沒有遇見你 我將會是在哪裡..


Opus 35.2. I hope it wont be as bad as Opus 35.1. Horrible. At least these pieces are pieces that people actually heard of and not the usual Prof Ho's stuff. Really hope ticket sales wont be that bad. LOL. Pretty much given up asking my mum. For the past 987697 concerts (okay, not that many; but quite a number), all she said was no time no time no time. Yeah. It's just 2 hours. And nope, she cant spare 2 hours. I just want to show her what I've been doing, show her why I enjoy band so much, to prove to her band is not something useless. The ex cant be bothered as well. Oh well, he did, like when he was my ex for the 3rd year. Haha. Neverminddddd. At least b's coming. At least there's someone I can look forward to finding when I'm on the stage.

Meh. I'm pretty down now and I have no idea why. Okay byebye.

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