Saturday, December 31, 2011

so long, farewell II

in 2011,

- I started school again. Finally. University.

- Exposed to a lot of wonderful people who are unique and different.

- Had a great OG in UB.

- Found great university friends like Ces, Yilin, Tim, Inez, Kelvin, Jiaying.

- Found someone special. 

- Loving my time with my jc clique; the year of all the 21st birthday parties!

- Despite army, overseas attachment and school, i'm still meeting up with Gordon&co and they never make me feel awkward.

- I turned 21.

- Stayed at MBS and loving it.

- Had the most expensive meal in my entire life. (Best steak ever I swear)

- Taught tuition

- Acknowledged that my pms is a problem and not something to be brushed off.

- Lost passion.

- Lost someone special. Appreciate and treasure what I have right now. 

- Opened my mind to more and new things which I'm getting to know more about.

In 2012, i hope:

- GPA continue soaring higher.

- Go Korea for summer school!

- earn/save more moolahs.

- to be blessed with good health, wealth, love, good grades.

Thank you everybody who made my 2011 a wonderful year. There's lots of ups and downs but 2011 is by far the best year ever! 

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