Saturday, August 4, 2012


Every entry I'll say that it's the best summer ever. I cant put it into words how appreciative, how thankful, to be able to spend summer in Korea, and how much I am loving every single moment now.

Hiked Bukhansan today with Aaron and it was unbelievable. YAY I CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN IN KOREA!

Before we start our official climb, look how happy we were! (not knowing what's ahead of us)

and we started on a wrong route. It was a literal vertical climb up all these rocks. How did we know it was wrong? After about 30 minutes of climbing all these rocks, we reached the end where we saw this barricade, and we were actually inside the barricaded area! LOLOL.

Met this really nice Korean couple whom we asked for directions, and eventually we kinda hiked along. They joked that we are their Singaporean kids while they were our Korean parents. They were so nice! They waited for us while we lagged behind, and we had a picnic together. Korean pancake and rice wine.

My shoe wasnt suitable for the climb so I always slide when I'm on grainy surface and the uncle was really nice enough to wait for me and hold my hands while we walked down. They were also nice enough to help us take photos and to take with us!

Obong Peak behind us!

Aaron's really nice to help me out and stuff (especially when I fell) HAHAHA. Even though I could cause him to fall as well, he still helped me nonetheless. He carried our 1.5litre water all the way! And we barely know each other. (Y)

view from the top! It's really gorgeous and the photos does not justify its beauty.

Hiked back down and we came to this stream. It felt like our ECP.

Way to go, Koreans. Awesome. Met this random guy and the couple and him just started talking and exchanged numbers, he gave us sweet corn and made iced coffee. LIKE HOW THE HECK DID HE GET ICE?

Had a couple of drinks from the spring water and it was so cooling!

Aftermath. CUI LOOK.

Overall, a great experience. YAY HIKING ACHIEVED!

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