Friday, March 1, 2013


3 years ago, I received my A levels results.

It was the worst results I have ever gotten in my life. I kinda hit rock bottom and had no idea what my plan was. I was glad that I had my friends who stayed by me and gave me encouragements no matter what.
3 years down the road, I'm in my final year of being a UB student. I don't regret coming to SIM, to UB, because these 3 years has been fulfilling and enriching. I really enjoyed the American education system as it encompasses everything.

UB was a place where I've known many great and nice friends, not to mention nice and wonderful lecturers. SIM was a place where I met A.

Maybe my life would be different if I've gotten better results and went on to NTU/NUS. That's all just 'what ifs' now. Rather than wallowing in sadness that I couldn't make it to a local uni, I would rather not think about it and focus on all the good things that SIM/UB has brought me.

Every decision in life leads you down a different route. I'm pretty glad mine leads me here.

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