Sunday, April 28, 2013


Finally got to meet the boy after a week of mugging and exams. Not seeing the boy for 7 days is really longgggggg. Cant believe that due to all the band stuff that was happening at the point of time, I suggested meeting only once a week when we first got together. I am really out of my mind. Really crazy.

Went to 49seats for dinner and sadly, no photos because we were too hungryyyyyy. Place was quite small and when I counted, there were 50 seats instead of 49! Hahaha. Had their must-try Tom Yum Pasta and he had smoked-duck pasta. Tomyum is really yumyumzx. I'm not a tomyum lover but that got me hooked. The brownie dessert was alright, just that it was smaller than I've expected and that I could make do without the huge chunk of cream on top. It was good that their prices are affordable and it's all nett price!

Walked down to Clark Quay since we had nothing to do. Sat by the riverside like some hipsters and chatted. It was really nice to just spend time together talking like this. Everyday I'm learning something new about this wonderful boy. Cant help but notice that he looked so tired. Seems like all the mugging and exam stress is putting a toll on him.

Really cant wait for his exams to end, our BKK trip and to more time together!

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