Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I miss my long hair.

People say, time flies when you hit 20.

 How true. Once 20 arrive, 21, 22 and 23 follows suit. Gone are those carefree days where all we have to worry about is where/what to eat/do. Now, conversations include getting a house, getting married and so on and so forth.

Really wish I could stay at 20 though. That was when.. I had a gap year between junior college and university (thanks to SIM), Bukit Gombak was my 2nd home, mioTV was our buddy, dabbled in different industries, quit a job after 3 days, traveled to Genting with 3 different cliques in a year, hardcore 987/RSVP fan and many other things. 

I guess the 20-year-old me would not have looked at 2013 and see that the 23-year-old me will be graduating from UB with a Cum Laude (with distinctions), had a summer exchange in Seoul, met someone special there, and the last thing that would be so unexpected would be interning at 987fm and working side by side with Vernon & Justin.

Glad to say, I still have this awesome bunch of friends with me. Let's see what 2013 have in store for me ;)

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