Friday, March 21, 2014

Restaurant Week 2014: Clifford/The Landing Point | Fullerton Bay Hotel

Restaurant week 2014 is back! Went to Alkaff Mansion for Restaurant Week 2013 and it's yet another restaurant this year!

We made our reservation the moment it was opened. It was about 12 midnight and most of the places I wanted were already gone! Yeah it's that fast, and it's priority booking, which happened 2 days before it was opened to the public. Managed to book Clifford and Stellar @ 1-Altitude. There was a glitch in the system - it told me that my booking wasn't through when in fact, it was. So I had booked those 2 restaurants, on the same day, same time -______- Decided on Clifford late last week.

Clifford called me sometime last week to inform me that they were having a private event during the day of my booking and had to move us down to The Landing Point. The menu would be the same though.

Brought my Olympus Pen out but guess what, there was a card error -.- In the end, I lugged my camera out for nothing and had to rely on my iPhone 5s. I was really upset so there wasn't much photos taken of the surroundings. 

We were seated by the window on the high chairs. I had initially requested for outdoor seating but that was planned a week back where we had the dry spell. It rained the entire day today so I moved us back indoors just to be on the safe side. 

First course:

His Beetroot Cured Salmon with Wasabi and Salmon Roe. Salmon was really really fresh and the salmon roe, wow. As you take your first bite into the salmon roe, it squishes around like a mini water balloon and then it explodes into a flavorful experience in your mouth.

My Traditional Rich Onion Soup with Melted Guyure Cheese Crouton. Hmmm, nothing special.

His Grouper Baked on Olive Plank, Fine Beans and Glazed Carrot on Caviar Sauce. The taste was rather interesting. The grouper was firm. Not too hard, not too soft. The tenderness was ideal. 

Clifford Signature Duck Confit served with Pear, Baby Spinach and Hazelnut Dressing. I prefer my duck confit over his baked grouper. The skin is crispy but not oily. Not a fan of oil or fats so this dish is perfect for me. 

Slice of Chocolate cake with Passionfruit Sorbet. I felt that the chocolate cake was rather normal. Tasted like something you can get from Four Leaves. However the passionfruit sorbet was amazing. I usually don't like passionfruit but I gulped down this scoop instantly. 

Would I go back to Clifford/The Landing Point? Hmmm, not really. If not for Restaurant Week, I don't think I will be back anytime soon.

The view was great, just by the riverside across from MBS. To end off our wonderful dinner date, here's a photo <3

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