Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Singapore ✈ Bangkok (Day 2)

Day 2 (22nd Dec)!

It was the day of the protest. Early morning, we were making our way to Chatuchak and en route to the BTS station, we realized that the rally site was just outside Central World. They were just starting to set up the stage.

Went to Chatuchak Weekend Market and it was shopping and eating time! I was doing most of the shopping and A was doing most of the eating. Heh. When at Chatuchak, one can never skip this..

Coconut ice cream! There were quite a number of stalls selling coconut ice cream but A insisted on the legit one and only true seller so we walked about, with our brief memory of our trip in May, to find the seller. 

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Nearest BTS: Mo Chit BTS

Not much photos because this was mainly a shopping/eating trip and we had seen most of the stuff during our 1st trip! Went back to Pratunam area and it was so so horrible! There was a massive crowd at Mo Chit BTS because all the protesters were going the same direction as all of us - Pratunam/Victory Monument area. It was so horrible that it took us at least 15 minutes to get from the bottom of the overhead bridge to the gantry! What was worse was that everybody were changing coins/buying tickets! 

We decided to go to Siam because the area outside Central World was gonna be packed. So.. we decided to make a trip to After You Cafe to try out the much-raved Shibuya Honey Toast! We didn't have it the first time round due to insufficient time.

It is heavenly. Best dessert I've ever eaten! Even A, who doesn't really like sweet stuff, LOVES this. He was the one who suggested coming back for a 2nd round of honey toast before we leave Bangkok.

After You Dessert Cafe
Siam Paragon Ground Floor

The queue might seem insane, but the wait is worth it! At the same time, it was rather fast too!

We wanted to make our way back to our hostel and we met with loud chanting outside.

Just outside Central World.

Taken from inside Central World

At that point of time, the protest was made out to be really scary and dangerous on our SG news. Being there to witness it, it wasn't as bad as how the media made it to be. In fact, it was quite the opposite. It felt like a carnival of some sort. That said, I must reiterate that this is one of the earliest protests (or the 1st one?) held in December, not the deadly ones in Jan/Feb.

Had dinner at the roadside stall opposite Big C! We've always seen a lot of people eating the gigantic fish there so we decided to try as well!

Food was okay. Nothing spectacular about it!

That pretty much sums up our 2nd day in Bangkok!

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