Sunday, March 30, 2014

Singapore ✈ Bangkok ✈ Colombo, Sri Lanka (Day 5)

We reached Colombo, Sri Lanka at about 1.30am on Christmas day! Sri Lanka is about 2.5 hours behind Singapore. What stood out was the number of electronic stores in their DFS area. Televisions, washing machines, irons, whatever you can think of, it's there. Bought our data plan with the free tourist SIM card that they gave in the transit area. We used Dialog and bought their 30-day 1gb data plan. It cost us 299Rs, which was about SGD$3! Real cheap. 

A driver came to pick us up and to our accommodation, which Upekha's dad had kindly arranged for us. It was about 30-40km away from the airport. Quickly washed up and then off to sleep!

Took some photos of our apartment the next morning!

And finally met this woman after so long.

Off we went to Blue Water Resort at Wadduwa! 

Their traffic is really different from ours. Most of their roads are 1 lane each, so overtaking is quite dangerous, at least to us who are not familiar with the roads. What the drivers would do is to honk the horn twice which means that they are going to overtake, and the vehicle will naturally slow down for them to do so. However, they need to check for oncoming vehicles because there's only 1 lane each. I think the most exciting overtaking experience was when there's a bus coming right at us and we managed to overtake a car successfully. It was real scary. 

The beach which the resort was on!

Getting ready for the wedding!

My handsome man <3

The beautiful bride!

The guests from Singapore!

The Ponruwa ceremony where the newly-weds thank their parents, and acknowledge each other as husband and wife etc.

It's a different wedding style from the usual Chinese wedding we experienced and it was really fun! 

I love how the rose is floating inside!

The newly-weds first dance!

I love how they love dancing in their weddings and uncle was so onz when the music changed to a fast-paced one!

We all went down to the dance floor and people were really spontaneous and fun!

A shot with the newly-weds!

With Upekha's parents who treated us so well in Sri Lanka!

We were really tired and went back to our place after the wedding. It was great fun experiencing a wedding from a different culture. Perhaps it was due to Sri Lanka being a British colony in the past, they have really really nice tea culture (next post!) and a strong similarity to the English weddings.

This was truly a one-in-a-million Christmas!

Coming up: our road trip all across Sri Lanka!

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