Thursday, March 6, 2014

Singapore ✈ Bangkok (Day 3)

Day 3! (23 December)

First thing in the morning - Sabx2 Wanton Mee for breakfast! 

This is like a congregation for Singaporeans. In this small shop, I daresay 80% of their customers were Singaporeans. Singaporean accent everywhere! I personally feel that there's nothing extraordinary about the noodles, but there is this sense of nostalgia, maybe especially when you have it in a foreign country. 

Sabx2 Wanton Noodle is located right opposite Platinum Fashion Mall, and is in the street just next to Shibuya 19. It opens at 9am. I cannot remember what time we got there, but we didn't have to wait. When we came out of the shop, we saw this..

Thankfully we were there early. 

Not much pictures for our daytime activities because we spent the day at Pratunam Market and Platinum Fashion Mall! Okay, 2nd trip to Bangkok and 1st time at Pratunam Market and I love love love it there. There are like countless stalls in Pratunam Market and everything is at wholesale price so, get at least 3 pieces. This is the perfect place to go with friends. I had to buy like 3 pieces of the same dress but thankfully I can mix colours. No complains cos I'm wearing these dresses for work! Bought dresses at like $4 each and shorts at like $6. The quality is decent too! Oh, how can I forget my $6 blazer? :D

Lunch was at Platinum Fashion Mall and I cannot not have these..

Mango Sticky Rice | Pad Thai | Oyster Omelette 

I badly wanted to go to a sky bar cos we didn't have the chance during our first trip. We narrowed it down to Cloud 47 and Lebua State Tower Sky Bar. In the end we went for Cloud 47 cos we wanted something not so touristy (and they didn't have any dress code).

Because we did not make any reservation, we couldn't get the seats by the side. Throughout my whole time there, I see empty seats though =|

Food was mehhhhh. Cocktails were more like mocktails instead. Barely tasted any hint of alcohol in there. I guess the only saving grace was the strong breeze and the view.

You can see Lebua State Tower from Cloud 47. See if you can spot it!

Our most decent shot cos the person who helped us take our photo could not get a proper shot.

Realized Patpong Night Market was very near to where we were and we went to had a walk. Didn't really like to walk through it because people kept shoving sex show menus in your face. Sometimes when the doors are open, you can catch a glimpse of what's going on in there. We've caught a sex show when we were there during our first trip and oh boy oh boy, once is enough. We couldn't even sit through the entire show. I was really uncomfortable and was really glad when we made our way back.

Cloud 47
47th Floor, United Center Building (Office Zone)
Silom, Bangkok, Thailand, 10120
Nearest BTS: Sala Daeng

The boy was hungry by the time we left for our hostel and what better way to end the night with the famous chicken rice! The famous pink shirt chicken rice right at Pratunam - Kai Ton Chicken Rice. It didn't take us long to figure our way over. You'll walk past a chicken rice stall if you're coming from Platinum but that's not the right one! This stall is further down ahead.

We were clueless as to how they work because everybody was so busy and we didn't know if we should find a seat ourselves. Thankfully, one of the staff spotted us and directed us to our seats. 

Chicken was tender and the rice was fragrant. It felt very clean, in the sense that it's not as oily as ours. But comparing the taste, I would definitely prefer the Singaporean version! 

Kai Ton Chicken Rice
960-962 Phetchaburi Rd, Soi 30, Bangkok, Thailand
Tel. +66 (0)2 252 6325
Opens daily 5:30am-3:30pm, 5pm-3am

& that marks the end of day 3!

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