Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Singapore ✈ Bangkok (Day 4) ✈ Colombo, Sri Lanka!

Day 4 (24th December)

It was our last day in Bangkok! 好的时光总是过得那么快。

Breakfast at Boxpackers Hostel! Everyday there would be 4 sets of western breakfast for you to choose from. At the same time, there's unlimited cereal, drinks and salad!

I love love love this pancake! Only had it on our last day): Found this gem a tad too late. 

Went for some last minute shopping before checking out of our hostel. Our wonderful stay has come to an end. But not before we left our marks!

Wanted to visit Roast at Thong Lo but guess what, of all days, the BTS decided to break down! Can you believe our luck? It was their first technical breakdown in 14 years.

Credits to: @RichardBarrow

We had already bought our BTS tickets and so the BTS officers recommended us to head to Terminal 21. Instead of a straight line down to Asoke, we had to transfer to MRT just to go over. It was pretty troublesome but we didn't have anything to do already so might as well.

Everybody knows about how Terminal 21 is a themed shopping mall so best thing to do over there is to take photos! I love how the toilets are all different. Remember! Even though they are on the same level, the toilets decorations are different! Go to the bigger one which is next to the escalator which will bring you to the entrance. That's the prettier one :D I've only realised it during my 2nd trip to BKK just last week (which I will try to blog after this 13 day adventure)

The USA level.

The famous London underground map!

The boy being his usual cheeky self.

They removed the sakura tree already. It wasn't there last week. I don't know why :(

Had MK for lunch and it's really cheap steamboat :D There's steamboat and ala carte menu for cooked food. Do try MK when you're there cos it's super cheap and yummy and you won't get this price back here in Singapore. Even though we have MK here, I'm pretty sure the price will be quite different.  

A does not have a sweet tooth. I do. Yet he's the one asking to go back to After You Cafe for another round of Shibuya Honey Toast.

Went for another round of massage and then we made our way to the airport. As usual, we got lost while walking from Boxpackers Hostel to Phaya Thai Airport Rail. The thing was, Google Map can be in accurate because they have roads which they closed for roadworks etc and then we had to figure our way out of the wrong road to a correct one. There were so many alleys and dead ends. Blah. 

Our train ride was 40 minutes. There wasn't any express train to take so we took the city train. 

We got bumped up to business class! It was a pleasant Christmas present from Cathay :D

Next post: Colombo, Sri Lanka!

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