Sunday, April 6, 2014

Singapore ✈ Bangkok ✈ Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka (Day 6)

26th December, Boxing Day! It was day 6 of our 13-day adventure. We had a free day because the newly-weds went off for a short trip on their own. We rented a private driver for a whole day to bring us around!

We wanted to go to Hikkaduwa beach so it was a 2-3 hours drive from where we were. The driver recommended us to stop by Victor Hasselblad Sea Turtle Sanctuary & Research Centre. Tickets are at 300Rs, ~ SGD$3.  

The beach where the centre is located at. 

We learnt about the sea turtles, and was shown the different species of sea turtles they have! It was rather interesting (:

We continued the journey to Hikkaduwa Beach..

Here we are.. finally! 

We decided to go and see some corals, on a glass boat. You thought a glass bought would be a boat made entirely out of glass. Hahaha. No, this, is glass boat.

Yeps. A glass at the bottom of the boat.

Fishy fishy.

It was 10,000Rs each (SGD$10) and we spent about 30 minutes out in the sea. We managed to see some corals. Seeing corals depends on the time of the day and the tide. We went in the afternoon and managed to see some, although there was a high possibility that we won't be able to see anything. The best time to go would be in the morning.

Went to some touristy restaurant for our dinner!

This platter was a portion of what we had. Can't remember the price, but yes it was expensive. This was the most expensive meal we had in Sri Lanka.

Caught a really beautiful sunset!

While driving back, we came across the memorial for the Tsunami which hit Sri Lanka back in 2004.

The drive back took almost 4 hours due to the horrible traffic. We left at 6+pm and reached our apartment only about 10.30pm. 

The boys spent the time together watching soccer while Fiona was helping me scold the operator at Dialog. The service was bad in a sense that I paid for a month's worth of data but I couldn't get any data at all. I did at first. Then it disappeared. After using Fiona's data to get information off the internet, I had to key in APN and what not. Not too long after, I received a notification telling me to upgrade my setting and so I did. After that, there wasn't any data. The operator told me to key in APN, but I couldn't do it because after upgrading, they removed the APN option. They told me there was nothing they can do which infuriated me further. Excuse me, I paid so much (okay, not really but still) and you tell me you cannot do anything?! After endless scolding, they cut off the Blackberry service, which turns out to be the problem! I don't know why, but after terminating the Blackberry service, all was good again. So if you're using Dialog with the same plan that I did, REMEMBER TO TERMINATE THE BLACKBERRY SERVICE! (Unless you're on Blackberry)

It was great sitting there with Fiona, scolding the operator and had a heart-to-heart talk. It's been a long time since I've seen her and things still remain the same. We can talk like the old times despite not meeting and talking for quite some time. This is how friendship should be like ❤

Ended the night early because it was our road trip the next day!

Coming up soon :D

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