Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Postcrossing Project

So true isn't it? I still remember when I created my first email account in 1999. I was Primary 3 back then and Internet was still a relatively new thing. When there was a (1) in inbox. It was like WOAHHHHHH.

Fast forward to 2014, we get emails everywhere. Laptop. iPad. iPhone. Work emails are never-ending and it is a joy seeing how there's (0) in the work inbox. Apart from your usual junk flyers, bills, receiving a real letter is so so rare. 

Personally I love to send letters out. Hence I became a volunteer with Snail Mail My Email in 2012. It was a really cool concept. Send an email with a short note to someone and someone from a random part of the world would help you write that email into an actual letter and send it out for you! In 2011, my email actually got written by someone from Argentina and sent to my recipient and it's so so cool. In 2012, I decided to pay it forward and even though I wasn't paid, I gladly paid for the postage and materials for the letter because it was fun and meaningful.

Then I got to know of Postcrossing when a @HelloFrmSG curator was a user of it! Postcrossing is a website where people from all around the world sign up and send a postcard to a random stranger somewhere else in the world. You can write in your profile what you like and what you would like to receive. I've only been on Postcrossing for a month and I love it already! I've received 13 postcards so far and it's a joy to open the mailbox and a postcard is there, waiting for you.

I get to receive different postcards from all over the world. I've gotten postcards from Hong Kong, China, Germany, Russia, USA, Belgium, Ukraine. I've learnt things from these postcards and I feel like I've gain more friends from all over the world!

My collection of postcards so far! Yes a lot of cats ^-^

These messages put a smile on my face (:

Just got my hands on these postcards. 40 postcards for $15! It's a super great deal. Usually these postcards are $1/pc.

I love to write and share so writing postcards to random people in the world, telling them about Singapore, my culture, tradition, and even myself, I feel like I'm making a new friend and sharing more about this tiny little red dot here. It's has a cathartic effect on me, especially after a bad day or something.

So to whoever out there, try your hands on Postcrossing! The joy in opening your letter box and receiving a postcard from a random Postcrosser is indescribable. If you love writing, this is definitely something for you (:


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