Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Two-Ingredient Pancake: Banana + Eggs!

The boy and I were bored over the weekend and we were thinking of what to eat. He suddenly wanted some pancakes and as we all know, cafe pancakes cost at least a good $7-$8. I suddenly thought of the two-ingredient pancakes which I've seen floating around on Facebook. I remembered a friend of mine attempted the recipe and snap-chatted me a video. It felt really simple so we attempted it!

Serves: 1
Ingredient: 1 (big) ripe banana
                   2 eggs

If you're using smaller bananas, I would recommend 2 bananas instead. When I added only 1 banana, the overall mixture felt like an omelette rather than a pancake batter.

I was making 2 servings hence 4 eggs. 

Beat your eggs like how you would normally..

and mash those bananas..

Mix the 2 into a bowl and beat till smooth.

Add a little bit of oil into your pan to prevent the batter from sticking onto your pan.

Spread the batter onto your pan.

and the end product:

 And now, you can enjoy your pancakes!

Overall: very strong banana taste. (I mean, it's banana and eggs. Of course right?)

Some of my pancakes were burnt because the pan was too hot, but all the more delicious!

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