Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Roaccutane Journey (Day 50)

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Day 50! I finally went to back for my second appointment. Dr Chiam reminded me that I was almost 3 weeks late. But because I took 2 pills in a week instead of 1 everyday, I finished the pills late.

In the past 50 days, I've experienced dry lips, dry skin, nose bleed, bleeding gums, back pain, all of which are the usual side-effects. Dr Chiam told me to continue taking the pills twice a week. He showed me the photos of my first appointment, and oh my, the skin condition improved A LOT.

Comparing 50 days ago and now, my current face would seem like I've applied slight make up on it. Here are my own pics.

No need for consultation until the blood test is needed! Hopefully the back pain will go away. When I was taking the pill daily, I couldn't sleep well because of the continuous back pain.

And I shall continue on my journey to clear skin!


  1. Hello Ivy

    I am currently taking roaccutane with Dr Chiam too! Would you like to exchange experience while on his skincare routine and medication? Is there an email address that I can contact ya?

    Hope to hear from you! :)

    1. Hello! You can email me at :) Love to hear from you!