Monday, October 20, 2014

My Roaccutane Journey (Day 69)

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It's been a while since my last update! =X After my last update, I've tried to take the medicine daily instead of twice a week. So far, I've been taking it alternate days and if I can, daily. My gums are bleeding again. No nosebleed which is good. Lips are getting drier. I can feel that the back-aches are coming back soon. A little ache here and there but still manageable.

I'm in the midst of a break-out now. Yeps, another breakout. As you can see, it looks quite bad on my right side.

Hopefully it'll all go away soon :(

If you're in a similar situation, do leave a comment or feel free to email me at emailmeivyyATgmailDOTcom :)

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