Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Roaccutane Journey (Day 77)

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Hola! Back from Bandung and let's take a look at my face situation. The humidity in Bandung is lower than that of Singapore and guess what, I forgot to bring my facial cleanser over -.- Only realized it before boarding the plane and had to buy the cheapest and smallest bottle of cleanser I can find - Garnier.

Skin is much drier despite me not having taken any Roaccutane for the past almost one week due to me forgetting to bring my medicine over too. I blame the contrast in weather. But so glad that my right cheek has improved dramatically from Day 69!

Had to buy a lip balm from Bandung because I forgot to bring it over. Left it on my office table. How forgetful can I get? Maybelline's Baby Lip balm only cost SGD2? Heh.

Hopefully the huge pimples will clear up soon. Really really unsightly :(

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