Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bandung, Indonesia 4D3N (Day 4)

First: Bandung, Indonesia 4D3N (Day 1) 
        Bandung, Indonesia 4D3N (Day 2) 
        Bandung, Indonesia 4D3N (Day 3) 

We started our last day with breakfast at the hotel. To our surprise, the menu changed! Based on past reviews on agoda, they don't change the food so it was a good change though there wasn't much improvement.

Brata came to pick us up for our pampering session! We only hired him for a trip to the airport but he kindly volunteered his service because we were suppose to do our manicure the day before but because they couldn't accommodate us, we had to return another day and he felt bad. Furthermore, it was a distance away from our hotel.

I did manicure/nail art for both hands and feet. The price for nail art is based on the different designs. Do note that the price listed is for 2 hands, not per finger! My nail art design was.. IDR45,000 (SGD4.50) and the polka dot design for my feet was IDR35,000 (SGD3.50) Total price came up to less than SGD15! 

A did manicure too :D Just basic cleaning and scrub and he loves it. Heh.

Since we were at Jln Riau, we decided to go over to HummingBird Cafe which was very much raved about.


To get to Humming Bird Cafe, head to Jl. Progo...

 There's quite a number of cafes along this stretch of road. Feels like our Tiong Bahru.

It was filled with teenagers, young adults and families. 

The Early Riser menu ended by the time we reached so we only had these choices (above). After we made our order, we saw there were mains like pasta and chicken served to other diners. We didn't get any menu with that at all! Felt a bit cheated though.

I'm very ashamed to say that I totally forgot what we ordered. But it was decent and relatively cheap compared the cafes in Singapore. The milkshakes were very very thick and sweet. It's worth a visit though! But there are many nice-looking cafes around the area so perhaps if you're adventurous and want to take the road less-travelled, go for somewhere else! 

Popped by a few factory outlets in Riau, the popular ones like Heritage and Secret.

I didn't really find anything nice though. Even if there were any, they don't have it in my size! >:( We basically just walked around for time to pass by. 

In Bandung, you can see a lot of roadside balloon sellers. According to Brata, these balloons are at SGD1, which is freaking cheap (to us). Like, where in Singapore can you get such helium balloons? A normal rubber balloon can cost 30c, some shops charge $2 for helium. That's $2.30 already!

Wanted to go for foot massage at the only place but it's fully booked. :( Massages are not that readily available as compared to BKK.

Brata brought us to a snacks shop to get some snacks before heading to the airport! Check-in at the minuscule airport was painfully slow because there were so many passengers but so little space. 

There were very limited parking space at the airport. What they do is they just park somewhere even if it means blocking other cars. If the car inside needs to get out, the parking attendant would just push the car in front. Organized mess FTW.

Dinner was at Solaria. Just your usual fried rice. We unknowingly ordered milkshake again. Hahahaha. Too much too much. 

And it was time to say goodbye to Bandung! The 4 days were great and it was a much-needed break!

A and I were down with food poisoning right after we came back from Bandung though. He got severe diarrhea the day after, and I ran straight to the toilet early in the morning 2 days later. Full-blown food poisoning with vomiting, diarrhea and fever for me. After this episode of food poisoning, turns out a few of my colleagues all returned from Bandung with food poisoning =X

Nevertheless, it was a great first visit to Indonesia!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bandung, Indonesia 4D3N (Day 3)

First: Bandung, Indonesia 4D3N (Day 1) 
        Bandung, Indonesia 4D3N (Day 2) 

3rd day! We decided not to have hotel breakfast and ventured out for some local food! Brata brought us to the eatery which according to him, sells authentic Mie Bakso.

It was yummy! Tasted very differently from the one we had the day before. Initially it was just A and I sharing one bowl. We had to get another one cos we couldn't get enough of it! The wanton and the beef balls were soooo good as well!

Next he brought us to have some avocado juice as a dessert! A have not tried avocado juice before and he was quite apprehensive. 

It was about IDR25,000 per cup (SGD2.50). It was a huge cap and very thick and creamy. A great drink for a hot day.

We went for a relaxing cream bath after that! It was about an hour, a cream treatment for the hair and a soothing back massage. Since I was there and they could blow my hair to any style I wanted, I decided to go for heavy curls since I've never had them before. It was temporary anyway! 

The damage to our pockets for a cream bath each was... IDR 11,7000 (SGD11.70)!! Very very very cheap compared to Singapore. Where in Singapore can you get hair treatment and massage for such a price? 

It cost IDR45,000 (SGD4.50) for A because he has shorter hair while it cost IDR65,000 (SGD6.50) for me. The remaining IDR7000 was for rinsing of hair.

We went shopping at shopping outlets after that! There are 3 districts with shopping outlets - Setiabudi, Riau, Dago. We went to Setiabudi first because it was the furthest from our hotel and it was the last day of Brata's services. 

Rumah Mode was the first stop! The most popular shopping outlets which housed restaurants, playgrounds and massages as well because they know how when women shop, men will have nothing to do!

Was too excited so no photos =X We weren't allowed to take photos inside as well. It was rather big but I couldn't really find anything for me. Bought a dress and undergarments. I doubt the authenticity of the clothes because I saw clothes which are in the same pile, same design, same colour, in 2 different tags.

Next, we went over to Fashion World which is right next to Rumah Mode.

I sneaked a few shots. It was practically a ghost town as compared to the bustling Rumah Mode next door. Managed to get a H&M top. 

Went for lunch after that! Brata recommended Suharti!

Most eateries would place a basket of snacks on every table. It's like how our Chinese restaurants would have peanuts.

Fried fried chickennnnn~

We went to Paris Van Java, a large shopping mall in Bandung. It has a lot of international brands and it is HUGE. What I find interesting is their roof-top mini zoo. 

Like, on the roof top, they have a mini bird park, a garden, and even a mini barn with sheeps and goats! 

Paris Van Java
Jl. Sukajadi no. 131-130, Jawa Barat 40162, Indonesia
+62 22 2060800

We went up to The Valley for dinner! It was up in the mountainous area with a nice view. I've read and heard so much about this place that I just have to make a trip up!

We had a late lunch and we weren't very hungry so we shared a soup, dessert and had some drinks.

 Zuppa-zuppa soup with bread crust. It was about IDR 45,000? (SGD4.50)

The prices are relatively affordable for us. I don't think you'll be able to get decent food at such pricing with a beautiful view anywhere in Singapore. It's very breezy so please remember to bring a cardigan with you! The service was satisfactory. From my observation, there's only one waiter who knows English so he was the one who's taking care of the foreigners. There's not much of a problem with non-English-speaking waiters. If you want something, you'll most probably point at the menu for them. If you need something and they can't understand, they'll get the English-speaking waiter to help.

We had a wonderful time enjoying our drinks, chatting and just admiring the view. Brata waited an hour plus for us outside though =X  If I were to return to Bandung, I'll try the other restaurants in the same area!

The Valley
Jl. Lembah Pakar Timur No. 28, The Valley Hotel, Jawa Bara 40119, Indonesia
+62 22 2511450