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Bandung, Indonesia 4D3N (Day 2)

Brata brought us to have some local breakfast! He volunteered and since the hotel food was bad, why not? I don't know where he brought us, but it was a predominantly-Chinese area.

Mie Baso! Brata said that the original Mie Baso uses duck egg for its broth and this wasn't the real one. He said he would bring us to the original one the next day!

Main attraction of the breakfast was the porridge. Apparently it's very popular and you must be there early or else it will all be sold out. Plain with shredded chicken and spring onion but it's flavourful!

Saw them making you tiao so I just stood there and watched like a little kid. Lol. I cannot remember if I've seen this in Singapore. I only remember seeing only the cooked ones. The you tiao there and the ones in Singapore is like, same same but different. Lol. It's not as crispy as it's bigger but airier inside.

After a hearty breakfast, we made our way down south to Kawah Putih! Saw lots of paddy fields on the way and stopped for some photos :D

Technically it's someone's land and even though there weren't any gates, we were trespassing. The aunty was very nice when she saw us taking photos of the paddy fields. She even waved when she saw me pointing my camera at her direction!

It took us slightly more than 2 hours to get to Kawah Putih. The cooling air hits us the moment we got out of the car.

These orange vans are the vehicles which will bring us all the way up. The ride takes about 7 minutes. We didn't drive up because it's very expensive to drive our own car up. 

We paid IDR50,000/pax (SGD5) and IDR17,000 (SGD1.70) for brata and IDR13,000/pax (SGD1.30) for the shuttle car up. 

Vans being vans, there were 3 rows for passengers. 12 of us were squashed together in that small van. The drivers tried to squeeze as many people as they can into the vans even though we were trying to catch our breath already. When we were on our way up, I was grateful there were 12 of us. Some vans have the structure of a tram in the zoo, like the picture below. Mountains have winding roads and the vans were going at such a speed that we felt like we were on a roller coaster ride. Without any space to move at all, we were actually safer. Lol. 

Only the seats and a side railing. No doors nothing.

The waters was not as blue as I thought it would be. It was very very bright due to the sand and the waters so please bring a pair of shades!

Because, no crossing of lines. 

Kawah Putih used to be a mining area in the past. 

The very touristy jump shots heh.

It was about 21 degrees up there and it was super cooling compared to the madness in Singapore. The sulphuric smell was very strong. They also have locals selling sulphur powder and random stuff at the crater. The locals also carry photo printers so that they can help tourists print their photos on the spot. I'm not sure of the price.

There's also shops selling berries, food and soft toys at the carpark area.

We made our way back to the city for a late lunch after a 2-3 hour drive.

We had satays for lunch! Instead of eating satays with ketupat, it's with your normal rice. No satay sauce. Instead it was black soy sauce with tomatoes and onions. It's not as burnt as the ones in Singapore. 10 Mutton satays cost us IDR36,000 (SGD3.60) and 10 mutton satays with fats cost us IDR38,000 (SGD3.80) 

Sate Tegal Marem
Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No. 136 Bandung
+82 022-2032802

Stopped by a shop for some local dessert!

This is Serabi Kinca. It's looks like our tapioca kueh that we can get at pasar malams. It's chewy and  very sweet cos it was drenched in gula melaka. Definitely for those with sweet tooth!

We went for a full body massage after satisfying our stomachs. Service was awesome.  We were revitalised after the massage. We could bathe after the session and everything was provided. The total damage to our pockets was only IDR100,000/hr (SGD10). We took a 1.5 hour massage. It was indeed worth the price. Please visit Bersih Sehat if you are looking for a good massage!

Since we were too full to have a proper dinner, Brata brought us to this place where he said we must try the pancakes. Turn out, it's similar to our peanut pancakes. However, it's HUGE, cheap and delicious. We got the original flavour - cheese + butter. It's super duper sinful. Using a 250g butter as a gauge, I would guess that half of it was grated onto our pancake. 

There's also the salted version which was fried in a pool of oil.

That huge pancake cost us IDR50,000 (SGD5). We got Brata to take half of it home because it was too big for the both of us! Even with just half the pancake, we had difficulty finishing it.

Martabak Canada
Jalan Kebon Kawung, Cicendo, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40171
(opposite Zodiak Hotel)

We went for a walk along Cihampelas and Cihampelas Walk because it was rather early. Brata told us their shops close quite early. Operation hours are about 10-6pm. We went out at 8pm and there were still some factory outlets opened so we went for a walk. The clothing at Cihampelas factory outlets were not to my liking. 

Went to C. Walk and their arcades, supermarkets were all still open and we did some grocery shopping. Comparing to Singapore, everything was super cheap! 1 cup noodles can cost IDR4,000 (SGD0.40). A tube of Garnier cleanser was only about IDR10,000 (SGD1) I was so mad! I forgot to bring my cleanser and had to buy at Watson's @ Changi. It cost me $5.50. )(*#$()*&@# Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner cost $20 in Singapore. I thought it was cheap when I found a RM25.90 (SGD10.80) in JB. It cost just IDR78,000 (SGD7.80) in Bandung. 

A packet of tea as cheap as IDR3,575 (SGD0.375)!! Okay, Indonesia produces tea leaves but still!

Day 3 coming up!

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