Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Roaccutane Journey (Day 93)

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I'm back from Bangkok! Yea, my 2nd trip to Bangkok this year and 4th in 1.5 years. Lol. Funny how I've never been to Bangkok until May 2013 and since then, I've been to Bangkok 4 times! 

Okay, let's take a look at the situation.. I've been on Roaccutane every single day ever since I came back from Bandung. Thankfully, I only have gum bleed. No back aches, no nose bleeds. Lips have been quite dry as well. 

As compared to Day 77,  my left cheek has improved while the right one, not so. The dried blood on my lip is not because of coldsore or anything. My lip was dry and my hand was very itchy so I peeled it off. =/

I'm almost done with my 2nd box of Roaccutane. Gonna go back to John Chiam and get more boxes! I have yet to do my blood test as well. It should be soon I guess..

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