Saturday, November 1, 2014

Singapore ✈ Bangkok ✈ Colombo, Sri Lanka (Day 11-13)

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We returned back to Colombo after Kithugala. Fiona and Jerry had to leave to catch their flight while we spent a few more days in Sri Lanka. We did some shopping, exploring the city and of course, enjoy Sri Lankan cuisine! We stayed at her aunt's place and it was hugeeeee. They had a front garden, back garden, enough space for 4 cars, 2 dogs and a few kitties ;D

They grow a lot of fruits in their compound. This is what we all know as Jambu! We can just pluck it off and eat it!

A kitteh with an injured arm which they nursed back to health ^^

This was at the lighthouse near Kingsbury Hotel. It looks really pretty in real life.

We had a very simple New Year's Eve. We spent our New Year's Eve playing with fireworks and then watching Running Man together. Nothing spectacular but spending it with A overseas at exotic Sri Lanka is good enough :) 

Singapore was 2.5 hours ahead of Sri Lanka so we received so many "Happy New Year" messages but it was only 9.30pm for us! 

When the clock strikes 12 :D

New Year's Day is Sri Lanka is different from ours. Sri Lankans go house-visiting during New Year's Day. It was something similar to our CNY/Hari Raya/Deepavali, just that they do it during their Sri Lankan New Year and the western New Year. 

We drove for a couple of hours to their relatives' houses situated in different parts of Sri Lanka.

This is Kiribath. It's coconut milk rice cake. This is a staple food in Sri Lanka and it is usually served during special occasions or ceremonies. It goes along with lunumiris, a form of chili (something similar to our sambal chili)

We spent our time exploring the grounds and having fun!

Coffee bean and tea leaf. They grow their own!

A baby elephant in their neighbour's ground. This poor elephant is chained up and kept as a pet. To own an elephant in Sri Lanka means you're filthy rich.

We played Carrom! I remembered playing this when I was a kid but cannot remember the exact instructions. They taught us how to play and were patient with this 2 very lousy players. Haha! It's very popular in Sri Lanka.

Us and the newly-weds!

With Upekha's family and their aunt and uncle who kindly hosted us for the few days we stayed in Colombo.

Not forgetting a photo with our driver!

No more free upgrades to biz class. Hahaha.

Our last inflight meal for the entire trip.

If given the chance, I would gladly return to Sri Lanka. There are so many things to do there which we didn't have the time to. I want to experience taking their train from city to city, staying in a guesthouse, visit a tea plantation etc.

Sri Lanka is definitely a country you should explore! That said, do note that tourism is a huge part of their country's income and therefore, a lot of entrance fees are rather hefty for a tourist. 

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