Tuesday, January 20, 2015


It's been a long while since I've written anything here but work has been hella crazy since the year started. There is no pause button in this industry, which is quite nice, because everything keeps me busy and there's a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment in me everyday.

Anyway, anyhow. I finally signed myself up for some Korean classes! As of now, I've already attended 4 lessons :) We're currently taking our lessons at GaNaDa Korean School and the principal of the school is our sonsaenim! The first 4 lessons was like a refresher for me since we had free korean classes back in our exchange in 2012. A pestered me for a long time and we kept procrastinating so what better time than now to take.. because we're finally going back to Korea!

I have always wanted to go back to Korea ever since I came back from exchange in 2012. A and I wanted to go back in winter 2014 but because of new jobs and what not. Finally, Spring seems like a good time and so, hello Korea! We'll be heading to Korea in end March, and I cannot wait to go back to visit SKKU, explore Sokcho, hike up Mt Seorak (which I wanted to do in 2012, but we changed to Bukhansan instead), find Mr Harry Potter coffee truck, buy lots of cosmetics!

This time round, we won't be heading to Busan and Jeju since we've been there before and it will take up a lot of money to return. I'm hoping to explore Chun Cheon and hopefully, see some cherry blossoms! I know there's Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival but the dates will only be out in March and Jinhae is all the way down south. I don't think we can make it there :( We'll see!

Moreover, Korea is a special place for me, for us because it was where we met, and had our first unofficial date :D

See you soon, Korea.

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