Friday, January 2, 2015

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

I spent the last day of 2014 with A, watching TV with his parents and nephew. It was a very simple affair. It wasn't very different from 2013 - We were in Sri Lanka, and we were watching Running Man when the clock struck 12. There was no need for elaborate celebrations. Being with him is enough :)

2014 has been an amazing year and it has been a long while since everything felt so raw and new.

In 2014, I was finally done with school, after almost 20 years of education.

Did a shoot with A! Thanks to our wonderful friend Kenneth, who does wedding photography at LoveLifeBitterSweet.

I got an internship in a PR agency. There were many new things that I've learnt and it really did allow me to gauge whether I like PR or not. With the fellow interns, we challenged ourselves, we cried, we endured, we cheered each other up, we share our rants, and tiny bits of accomplishments.

A long-overdue family trip to Bangkok! It's been at least a good 10 years since we last travelled as a family and time spent together was awesome!

Found a full-time job at SG Story! It is truly amazing to find a job that I love, that I don't countdown to lunch time or to 6pm, wonderful colleagues whom I can hang out with anytime. The bosses were patient with me, so are my colleagues. I like how everybody here are accommodating and willing to help a newbie out.

I officially graduated! It was finally my turn to don the graduation gown! The only sad thing was A wasn't able to come. We still have this year when it's his turn!

Attended the first wedding in our clique.

Did a graduation shoot with my uni mates.

Had our first family portrait!

Impromptu trip! Explored a new place - Bandung, Indonesia!

My first work retreat. Back to Bangkok (again!)

Did my first cat-sitting! Anyone needs help in cat-sitting? :D


Decorated my first Christmas Tree!

Christmas Tree

Of course, these were all just the bigger rocks. With the brother serving the nation now, family time are much more precious and we all made the effort to take some time to have dinner together etc. Same goes for the extended family. I'm glad that I have a close-knitted extended family for both sides. The Whatsapp group chat are always chattering on, we always gather at someone's place for dinners and birthdays.

With A, everything has been smooth-sailing. It has been more than 2 years since we have been together and till now, we have not had a huge fight yet. Some might say it's not a good thing, but I rather focus on the positive side. We have made some pretty big decisions together and with that said, I'm really looking forward to our future together.

In 2015, my new year resolutions:

- Learn a new language.
- Get out of my comfort zone and talk to strangers more.
- Keep fit, be active.
- Improve my writing! (which is what this blog is for :D)
- Re-connect with old friends.
- Save more $$!
- Take more photos!

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