Monday, February 2, 2015

Recipe: Fried Crabsticks!


We have been using the air-fryer actively due to my mom trying out new recipes for CNY snacks so here's another easy peasy one!

This is a fuss-free recipe because all you need is crabsticks, and a bit of oil.

Fried Crabsticks

oil (I used oil spray) 

 This is one packet of Dodo crabsticks. Some say that the different brands (of crabsticks) will result in different taste and Dodo offers the best taste so yeah. Your preference.
 Tear them into strips. Thick or thin, it's your preference. Dry the strips with kitchen towel. Spray oil and mix it up a little. The purpose of spraying oil is to prevent the strips from sticking to each other or the cage.
Throw it into the air-fryer. I'm using the Europace air-fryer which has the rotisserie function. I really like this one compared to the Philips air-fryer though. It's way bigger than the Philips one and they provide a lot of tools like the pans, rotary cage etc. 1 packet of crabsticks is a good amount of for the cage. 2 packets should fill the cage to the brim.

Temperature is set at 180 degree Celcius and let it rotate for 50 minutes. Yes 50 minutes. I know a lot of people got theirs done in 10 minutes or less but I guess because this is rotating non-stop, it needs more time to cook. Also, for this version, I forgot to dry the strips before throwing them into the air-fryer. 
It is done when it is crispy, and fried to a nice golden brown color. Wait for it to cool before keeping them in an air-tight container.

A packet of Dodo crabsticks can fill a small container.

So here's another not-so-nice attempt..

 For my second time, I decided to experiment with the time and temperature. I tried 195 degrees Celcius and set it to 30 minutes instead. It was not crispy and some strips were still white so I gave it an additional 15 minutes. It came out looking really brown :( Taste wise, it's slightly burnt but the crab stick taste is still there.

Here's a comparison..

I know this can be pretty expensive outside. With a bit of effort and time, you can save yourself $8 - $10 for a very easy-to-make snack!


1. Defrost the crabsticks.
2. Tear them into strips. Your preference as to whether it is thick or thin.
3. Spray oil onto the strips and mix them up a little.
4. Using the rotissarie function, fry them at 180 degree Celcius for 50 minutes.
5.Wait for the fried crabsticks to cool before keeping them into an air-tight container.

Let me know if you have any tips for this recipe! :)

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