Saturday, March 21, 2015

Insta Cards!

With the Gushcloud saga recently, should I put a disclaimer to state that this is a non-sponsored post? Lol.

Anyway, I came across this Groupon deal which I wanna share! I was scrolling through Groupon for good deals when I came across this deal by Photobook Singapore.

The deal is still available HERE.

$6.99 for a set of insta cards. Seems reasonable. Then I realized shipping is not included. Heck that. I gave it a chance and bought the deal on an impulse. If anything, I’m just gonna lose $6.99.

It was rather easy ‘designing’ the photos you want to print. There’s a choice of different templates, background designs, stickers and what not. The down side is that you cannot change the orientation of the photos in their editor. So for myself, I chose petite portrait template. For my photos in landscape, I have to rotate them manually before I upload them into the editor. A bit troublesome back there but it all got sorted out easily.

It cost $4 for the cheapest shipping but it was sent via DHL so no complaints! Even though they have Photobook Singapore website, they do not have an office here, so the printing was actually done in Malaysia, which is the nearest to SG.

It took 12 days for the pack to get to me and they’re really pretty!
I wasn’t expecting much from a groupon deal but it’s so nicely done that I wanna go for the canvas next =X
Now I just gotta think of how I can re-decorate my barren wall to accommodate all these photos and polaroids!

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