Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Will UB my valentine?

This year's Valentine's Day was a simple affair for us. A had to be a chauffeur for his mom the entire day so we shifted our celebration to Sunday instead!

Spent my Saturday in the kitchen preparing sushi for our Sundate and making some CNY snacks :D

Seaweed crackers recipe here.

Honey cornflakes cup recipe here.

So I was multi-tasking between making CNY snacks and some sushi for our activity on Sunday.

That took up the whole Saturday afternoon already!

A came in the evening and he got me..

For our first year, he didn't give me any flowers. He gave me 1 during our second year and he said that he's gonna +1 every year. The only time I'll get a bouquet is on our wedding day rofl.

Instead of a romantic Valentine's Day celebration, we decided to do something different. Why not go back to our unofficial first date - hiking! We took a 10km hike from MacRitchie Reservoir to the Tree Top Walk and back to MRR. It was indeed tedious and tiring for us cos it's been so long since we last exercised =X 

Didn't take a lot of photos because we just walked and walked and chatted. There were quite a number of visitors on a Sunday afternoon as well! If you're lazy but still wanna get to the Tree Top Walk, park at Venus carpark (near SICC) instead of MacRitchie. That will be about 2.4km one way, so 4.8km in total, instead of 10km.

Took a few shots on the bridge! It was rather shaky due to the number of visitors on the bridge. Used iPhone self-timer which is why we got a burst of 10 photos. Made them into gifs. I realized I'm the boring one in the photos. 

The 10km hike took about 3hours in total. We went back immediately and it felt so good standing under the shower, feeling the water fall down on me.

That was how we spent our Valentine's Day this year! Let's see what next year brings :D

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