Friday, April 17, 2015

Korea Day 2: Bukchon Hanok Village + Insadong!

Day 2 of our Seoul adventure saw us exploring the cultural side of Korea! We woke up for some samgyetang!

We paid Tosokchon a visit. Apparently it's a very famous restaurant which specalises in samgyetang. 

Had to change line!
Tosokchon is located near Gyeongbokgung Station (line 3), exit 2. Once you come out of the station, walk straight all the way. You'll see Baskin Robbins, Popeyes along the way. Walk till a GS25 mart and turn left onto Jahamun-ro 5-gil and you'll see Tosokchon!
Okay, this was taken when I finished my meal. We were really lucky there wasn't any queue yet.
Okay I really like this photo minus the photobomb by the staff. Lol. The ginseng alcohol/wine was potent and it was realllyyy goood.
Dining areas are divided into several rooms and we have to remove our shoes before entering the room. Our shoes were arranged neatly by the staff. Nice touch!
Huge pot of kimchi and pickles. Me loveeeee <3
We had seafood jeon (pancake) and black chicken stew with ginseng.
The chicken was stuffed with ingredients such as glutinous rice, chestnut, ginseng, red dates. The soup is really thick and rich, the meat is tender and when you pick it up, it falls off the bone very easily.

Don't worry about the language barrier for there is none! The staff speaks Mandarin and English as well :)
A long queue by the time we came out from the restaurant.
So long!

After filling our stomachs, we made our way to Bukchon Hanok Village! It's a subway station away from where Tosokchon is and we were lazy to walk so we took the train =X To get to Bukchon Hanok Village, take the subway to Anguk Station (line 3), exit 2. Walk straight all the way after coming up from the station and you'll hit the tourist centre already.

We got a map which gave us a route to take in order to catch the photo points and the different tourist attractions.

Flowers are starting to bloom!
Saw this alley and decided to take a look.
A guesthouse at the end of the long flight of stairs T.T
A lot of people went into this school and we followed the crowd.
Such a pretty building!
And we continued looking at these old, cultural houses. This is a real residential area by the way! There were signs telling us to be quiet to not disturb the residents.
This corridor was listed as a photo zone.
Waited for a while before we had the entire corridor to ourselves.
And we continued walking.. To the famous stretch.
So there are two spots to take photos, taking a uphill shot and a downhill shot.
Lots of tourists!
Most people went down after the famous stretch but since we're here already, might as well go to another photo zone, which is apparently a flight of stairs..
Stopped to take in the scenery!
So after walking for quite a bit.. we reached the stairs..
I was expecting something magnificent. Nope, this is the flight of stairs labelled as photo zone #8.

We finished the route and decided to stop by a cafe for a break.
View from our seats. It was pretty relaxing. After a two-hour walk, we needed to let our legs rest. The amount of walking in Korea is insane. Lol.
Bukchon Hanok Village is quite near to Insadong so we thought we'd just walk over.
And then we saw a huge crowd..
Don't really know how to read. But looking at the words, we figured it was an outdoor filming for KBS 2Day1Night.
And we randomly walked to this graffiti wall, which I have seen in Instagram. Lol.
And this ang moh bugger was in all our shots. He knew we were taking photos but he refused to move away. Grrrrrr.

Came across some street performance! This man was really entertaining and a huge crowd formed around him. He got some random people to help him with his performance and they were really enthusiastic!
He got a kid to help him and this little boy was soooo cute!

Cross the road and ta-da, Insadong!
A knew of this small restaurant at Insadong where they serve really good crabs or something. He saw it on a Taiwanese show. Due to insufficient information, we were lost while trying to find the place. Did not help that we do not have internet access so we were trying to find some wifi to hook onto. Lol.
We went to Ssamziegil Mall instead. It has a very interesting architectural design. Each level is connected in a rectangular spiral slope. They sell a lot of accessories, bags and designer stuff. Apart from that, they have lots of art galleries, handicraft stores and souvenir shops.
The roof was where I wanted to go!
3 years ago, I came here with my friends and we wrote a simple one for ourselves. Of course, it would be impossible to find our tags already.

This time round, A and I got one for ourselves! There are several designs for you to choose from. It cost about 5,000won. An area was allocated for customers to write and they even had a couple of heater fans. That was very thoughtful.
Hehehe, A drafted his note in the phone before writing it out.
Okay, he took up most of the space so I had to summarize mine. Lol.
We were starving by the time we were done with it and it was about 8ish. We didnt really know what to eat so we kept walking until we saw an outdoor food court!
We ordered sweet and sour pork, champon, and jjajangmyeon.
This is the sweet and sour pork (cost 3,000won). It looks nothing like the ones we have in Singapore but it tastes so good.
Champon (3,500won)! It's actually seafood spicy noodle. Everytime I see this in Running Man, I would always wonder what is so good about this dish which the cast love so much. After a taste of it, I understood why. It was really spicy, but it warms you up on a cold day. The shells were rather fresh.
This bowl of jjajangmyeon cost 3,000won. It was soooo much bigger than the one we had in Myeong Dong the day before
So we were eating in this tent which we always see in Kdrama. The only thing missing was..
After a hearty meal and getting warmed up by soju, we made our way back to our hostel, only to find the streets awfully cold. The soju we had was practically useless in keeping us warm. Hahahaha.
Even though it was freezing, it is always warm with him ^^

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