Monday, December 21, 2015

Back to Korea in 2016 | Pre-wedding Photoshoot!

Yes, 10 more months to Korea, again!

This time round, it'll be for our pre-wedding photoshoot. Ever since we know that we're gonna spend the rest of our lives together, I know that I want to go back to Korea for our photoshoot. For us, it's not just because we want a destination photoshoot, but because we knew each other there. Korea is of a great significance to us.

I've been doing some research on pre-wedding photoshoot in Korea. There are a lot of SG-based agents in SG such as k-wedding, Ido Wedding etc. I did my research on Kohit Wedding and Chungdam Studio instead.

Chungdam Studio

This is a highly-raved about studio when I read forums such as Perfect Weddings, Singapore Brides etc. I was a bit apprehensive because most people who posted about them has only 1 post count and no surprise on the only post they had. They recommended an English-speaking coordinator. I emailed her and she replies fast, and provides lots of details too. Prices start from SGD$4,000. Decided against them because I don't really like their style.

Kohit Wedding

This is a relatively new Korean-based agent. It's made up of a husband-wife team. Husband's a korean while the wife is a Hong Kong-er. They are very fast and prompt in replies, no problem when it comes to language so no worries about it.

Prices are relatively low, easily the cheapest around (on average). Of course it depends on the studios that you choose but the cheapest starts from ~SGD$3,000. To make a booking, all you gotta do is to pay 20% of the package price via PayPal and the remaining 80% will be paid to the bridal studio on the day of your photoshoot. They were my top choice.

SG photographers

I've been seeing a lot of Facebook posts about SG-based photographers heading to Korea for photoshoot and when I enquire about their services, it was quite expensive; starting from $4.5k onwards. The basic package which cost $4.5k DOES NOT include gowns and suits. I love some of their works, but it's way out of our budget.

The Louvre Bridal

I saw that The Louvre Bridal was having their Korean pre-wedding photoshoot packages promotion and decided to make an appointment to take a look. We started at 11am, and only left 2 hours later. They showed us the various photos from the 60+ studios that they work with. They were really beautiful and the photo album was of good quality.

Since we were there, we enquired about their AD/ROM package. They were very helpful and threw in a couple more discounts/add-ons. Gradually, they started to get a bit pushy, trying to get us to buy both pre-wedding + AD package. Granted it's an open date, but I didn't want to sign an AD package with the first and only bridal boutique that I've been do without doing enough homework.

We were there for a long time and we requested for some private time for discussion. I was a bit hesitant about taking the pre-wedding package as well because it was a little out of budget and I still had Kohit Wedding in mind. The coordinator eventually got their boss to sit down with us to discuss our concerns. They kindly agreed to let us pay in 4 instalments instead of 2 (for both packages).

Eventually, the boss understood my concern of the price difference between Kohit and themselves. She brought up a possible scenario of mistakes in my photo frame or photo album and there's nobody to help me to fight for my rights or worse still, the agent goes MIA on me.

Being a reputable bridal boutique and a partner of Korea Tourism Organization, I could trust them enough with my PS so we signed our PS package. They kindly allow us to think about the AD package. If we would like to, we can add-on the AD package at the same discounted rates with the add-ons by March'16. We'll also be going back in March to select the Korean bridal studio.

10  months to get ride of all my pimples, 10 months to slim down!

Really looking forward to going back to Korea again <3

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