Monday, April 24, 2017

JB 2D1N (II)

Good morning! 

Day 2 and our very short getaway is coming to an end soon ☹️
Had our buffet breakfast. Food was okay. 

Breakfast time was 6.30am-10.30am and A thought it was 6.30-8.30am. Haha. Where got hotel breakfast so short de!
Went up to the pool. I brought my swimsuit but was a bit lazy because it would mean carrying a very heavy and wet swimsuit back home.
A didn't bring his trunks ☹️

But it's very nice though! Rather long and there wasn't a lot of people in the pool when we visited. 

I think we are just gonna laze until check-out time and then go have my BKT!! 😋
My view until 12pm. Refusing to leave until the check-out time.
And it started to rain just when we are going to check out 😭😭
At Historia Hair Salon now! 

After some research and talking to the salons on facebook, I settled with Historia because their response was fast, and explanation was detailed. They even sent a voice message over explaining what I can or cannot do. 

I wanted to try Zest because Xue En raved about them too but I couldn't find them online anywhere, and I didn't wanna do a walk-in. Walked past them earlier and they were full!
Here goes :D
2hours 20 min. 

I hope my colour will turn out fine. Starting to get a little worried about what my boss will say tomorrow..

My dearest husband has been sitting next to me doing nothing, escaping for a lunch. 😘😘

After 4 hours..

So it turned out brighter than I expected.

Initially she said she don't want to bleach all because she didn't want it to touch my scalp. I said okay because I thought it was gonna be a dark base. 

So now it looks like I have this colour for a while now and my roots are growing out.
I think I can be hit girl now. 
Paid 328rm (sgd 109) in total.

I hope my boss won't kill me tmr 🙊
Finally got my BKT!

Went to the pasar malam next to KSL. It's here every Monday.
A got some kueh and then we grabbed to JB Sentra (15rm)

We're waiting for our train now..
Going home soon!

The train left in the dot. Why is it so much more faster and efficient on MY side than SG's side? Lol.

Oh and the train doors are not closed?!?!?!
This is my hair colour under my room light. My mum didn't even realize it when she walked in to talk to me.
I hope this is what it will look like tomorrow in the office too 🙊
Anyway, she realized after a while and she thought it was 100rm 😂

Sunday, April 23, 2017


<Reposting this from my Dayre>

Took bus 161 from SK to woodlands and then 903 from the interchange. 

We're now at the train checkpoint and it's our first time taking the train there! We've bought our tickets via EasyBook and we gotta exchange our booking with a valid train ticket or get our printed ticket stamped. 

Remember to change ok! You won't be able to get through with just your printed ticket.

A reminder at the start of the queue for departing passengers. 

We are going! 

Met a uni classmate here 😂 what a coincidence hahaha

On the train! 

Be early cos there's both SG and MY immigration to clear!

The train is scheduled to leave at 10am. Let's see how long it will take.

Left Singapore at 10.21am, and reached Malaysia at 10.26am. It's really just a 5-minute ride. 

Brunch was at Restoran Ya Wang!

Been into JB for a couple of times and we've been having cafe food for our brunch. Decided to try something new this time.

A says it's like a regular HK cha chan teng. I don't know, cos I've never been to hongkong.


They have various sets as well. Good for bigger groups.
Hearty brunch to start our day!

Roasted duck, char siew and roasted park - 29rm
Soup - 8rm
Rice - 3rm

40rm in total, which is about $13! 

Walked over to Chaiwalla & Co for some Thai milk tea. 

A's favourite!
Squinting because it was damn bright! The ☀️ was relentless.

Love the greens here. 🌱🌿

Can totally see my colleague, G, do her painting here, but she'll complain about the heat.

Happyboi89, happygal90. 

Caught FF8 at City Square Mall at 36rm for 2 pax!

Grabbed to Holiday Villa at 7rm.

Our room for the night! We are back at Holiday Villa!
It's a superior deluxe room. About $80/night.

I love that their rooms has a daybed.
Our view! Gonna rain soon. 

This is our 2nd time back here and we were spoilt by our first time when we got upgraded to a suite. 

Catch a glimpse of the suite here.

From the lift lobby! Love that it's so close to KSL and Holiday Plaza.
was feeling a bit hungry so we went to look for food!

Heard about D'laksa coming to SG (oh they are already opened at Hougang Mall since March!) and I saw someone else's post so here we are!

It's located on the ground floor, next to Watsons.
It's spicyyyy so A finished most of it.
Saw a Thai snack stall on the first floor and we decided to give it a try. 

The photo looks meh right? We didn't have high hopes for this, and was prepared to declare 7rm wasted. The coconut milk looked very diluted but this turned out decent! Mango was very sweet.

Caught another movie! Shockwave. Hello handsome Andy Lau 😍 It was 28rm for 2 pax. Slightly cheaper than CSM.
Soon Soon BKT was sold out by the time we headed there after our movie 😭😭😭😭


Anyway, lok lok nearby! But A wanted something fuller so hopefully it will still be here by the time our massage ends later :D
Headed for this teppanyaki place at KSL, first level, next to KFC.

Nothing to shout about.

This comes with rice and soup. 

I got beef and A got lamb. The total bill came up to 39rm. 

Going for our Thai Odyssey massage soon! Holiday Villa guests get 10% off.
Time for our massage!

I love Thai odyssey because of all the different places we tried, they are the most consistent and shiok.

So so so awesome ahhhh. 

We had aromatherapy massage for an hour. The original price was 130rm/pax but we had discount so it became 234rm in total.